So if I guess how much gold is in this church, do I get to keep it? And this is only a small portion of the interior. #church #gold #Salvador #Brazil #São Francisco

It’s rainy and windy. Wish me luck on getting any good pix today.

How do they cut the cucumber so thin? Certainly, a good way to economize.

My first caipirinha and I almost forgot to mention it. 😜

Rasta Brasil

If you’re watching Creative Live you’re not paying attention to me. #huethecat @creativelive

Hue the Cat debuts on YouTube in his first public video, having fun with drum mallets. Subscribe to his channel and be notified when he makes another appearance.

Hue the Cat is a mobile production developed by moi. (Kim Wilson Photography - Stills and video shot on an iPhone 5. Content wirelessly transferred to an iPad Air for editing in iMovie and original music created in Garage Band. 

Lazy Sunday with #huethecat

Always at my side in the studio #HuetheCat #photography #cat

My entry to latest contest, Exposure. If you like what you see, please vote for my submission